Violetta, ADO Traveling Doll, The Eager Eagles Team!

Author: HonahLee /

         Violetta arrived safe and sound to cold Ohio. I don’t believe she cared for the dull grey skies and lifeless greenery, but she was still very pleasant to have in my home. She talked a great deal about warm weather and the spring flowers. I assured her that during the right season, Ohio is very beautiful! I invited her to stay a little longer and see the transformation, but she told me she had to be on her way to visit Jan in a hopefully warmer Texas.

          Before I packed her up and sent her on her way, I was sure to give her a little something to wear. She had mentioned a few times one of her favorite colors was violet because it matched her eyes. So we dressed her in a violet undershirt, leggings and short black boots.  I also showed her how to apply soft and natural makeup, because she said she was feeling a bit washed out. I told her she still needed something on her head and maybe a soft flowing dress, but she assured me she had to be on her way and that Jan would be able to help her out when she arrived.
        She said her last farewells to the other dolls and gourd goblins, thanked me for the hospitality and climbed into her box!

-Jenna From The Land of Honah Lee


Ayala Art said...

She is looking so pretty! Seems like you guys had a lo of fun. Have a safe trip little doll!

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