Wren TDP

Author: HonahLee /

The day Wren and baby Ingrid arrived in Ohio was beautiful! The sun was warm and the grass had just started to turn green. It seemed that it was going to be a nice visit. Only a few days went by that it was warm and sunny and then the weather started to turn for the worst.

The rain came down, the roads flooded, many people lost things. Wren seemed to do a lot of reminiscing by the rain covered windows gazing into her new daughter’s eyes. One day we were talking and she seemed to have come to terms with the loss she had suffered. She told me how her travels and the things she has seen has made her realize that everything happens for a reason and that you have to stay strong through the fire to come out sparkling.

From then on the conversations seemed to be more light and cheerful. We had a great time picking out the leather for her new boots. She was tired of traveling barefoot. We made a new leather vest to match along with a leather sling for Ingrid to ride in. During one of the few nice days we were able to get out and make a beautiful headband for Wren to wear.

Her travels were coming to an end and she started her goodbyes. She seems so peaceful now and ready to go home with her new daughter! She will be home soon Jan :)



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